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White House Leadership Development Program

The Fellow Experience

The White House Leadership Development Program (WHLDP) is a competitive program for high-performing career GS-15 employees poised to enter the next generation of career senior executives.

WHLDP Fellows:

  • Develop enterprise leadership skills.
  • Work across functional areas.
  • Strengthen organizational performance.
  • Leverage networks to drive collaboration and results.

Fellows spend approximately 80 percent of their time in a rotational assignment gaining on-the-job experience and approximately 20 percent of their time in leadership development programming.

Rotational Experience

WHLDP Fellows work on high-priority, mission-critical cross-agency policies and programs. These rotations will provide the opportunity for high-potential GS-15 (or equivalent) career federal employees to receive on-the-job experience working on complex issues that require collaboration, networks, and an enterprise approach to deliver results. The experience Fellows gain through these rotational assignments is designed to develop the skillsets and networks that enterprise leaders need in order to deliver results on mission-critical priorities.

Leadership Development Experience

WHLDP Fellows engage in an innovative development program that is targeted at the competencies, networks, and experience required of enterprise leaders. Fellows meet each week for a variety of programming that includes discussions with recognized experts in their fields, workshops to build skillsets in leadership and organizational performance, networking opportunities with colleagues across government, and situational mentoring and coaching sessions.

Alumni Network

Fellows who complete the WHLDP become part of the alumni network. From mentoring the next cohort of Fellows to alumni events and trainings, Fellows can maintain and expand their network of leaders across government and engage in further post-program networking and developmental opportunities. See the WHLDP's past cohorts here.