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Delivering A High-Performance Government

A well-managed federal government can efficiently and effectively deliver vital services to the American people. The PIC creates opportunities for government employees to learn performance management best practices, spread breakthroughs and successes across government, and to solve complex challenges through collaboration.

Our Mission

With the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010 (GPRAMA), Congress established the Performance Improvement Council (PIC) to assist the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to improve the performance of the Federal Government and achieve the Federal Government priority goals. Under the direction of OMB, the PIC:

  • Works to resolve specific government-wide or crosscutting performance issues
  • Facilitates the exchange among agencies of practices that have led to performance improvements within specific programs, agencies, or across agencies
  • Coordinates with other interagency management councils
  • Gathers assistance, information, and advice from federal agencies, including smaller, nonmember agencies
  • Provides insight into the performance improvement experiences of corporations, nonprofit organizations, foreign, State, and local governments, Government employees, public sector unions, and customers of Government services
  • Develops recommendations to streamline and improve performance management policies and requirements

Our Objectives

Optimize cross-council coordination and service delivery

The PIC will synchronize efforts across councils for a more holistic approach to federal management.

Deliver useful resources to stakeholders

The PIC’s tools, training and facilitations help agency practitioners hone their skills and learn from others successes to get the job done.

Unite the performance community

The PIC will continue inspiring collaboration, relationship-building and knowledge-sharing by offering opportunities for our stakeholders to build a strong network.

Improve federal performance reporting

The PIC will continue to develop a long-term and modern platform to increase transparency, hold agencies accountable for performance, and highlight performance management best practices.

Enhance performance and mission achievement

The PIC will focus on using performance management practices to help shape agencies’ progress towards mission achievement.