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One of the PIC’s benefits to the government is its ability to convene and facilitate conversation on cross-agency challenges and opportunities. Each year PIC provides a variety of forums for performance management professionals to deepen knowledge of the federal performance framework and sharpen performance improvement skills. While the missions of organizations may differ, there are tremendous opportunities for learning across government among individuals in the performance community carrying out similar functions.

The PIC has developed a number of workshops and workshop series designed to deepen knowledge of performance practices and principles. Workshops are designed to bring people together -- in person or remotely -- to learn the 'what, why and how' of a particular skill. Our intention is to assist employees at all levels in expanding or sharpening performance improvement and related skills in a manner that is immediately useful to both the individual as well as their organization.

Each workshop or workshop series is designed not only to provide practice of the skill in the moment, but to help each participant carry that skill forward by applying it to a specific project in their organization. This may be a one-time project or practicum or a developmental series designed to improve and expand the participant's skill over time. These projects or practicums often take the form of a presentation, collaborative discussion, interactive work session, a workshop, a facilitated engagement, or a written actionable deliverable. Or a combination!

Workshops and workshop series are delivered at no cost. They require outside work by each participant on real organizational issues, summary-level sharing of the results of the project or practicum with the PIC and peers, and may require sign-off by a project sponsor. Coaching or mentoring may be provided by a member of the PIC team or through peer groups to help ensure successful application of the learned skills.