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Knowing - Data

Play 4: Capture Valid information

What is it? Capturing qualitative, quantitative, and customer information, using consistent processes to ensure information is valid and accessible.

What are we aiming for? We can easily access or collect the data we need to understand how our program is going. We have a “good-enough” system in place to ensure our data is accurate and valid. The data we collect can be used by others

Key Questions (Ask yourself “why/why not” or “how” after each):


Knowing - Analysis

Play 5: Generate Insights

What is it? Generating new or rigorous insights by making sense of data, and applying those insights to performance questions, trends, anomalies or issues.

What are we aiming for? We connect relevant data together to identify trends, performance issues, or progress made. There are people at our organization who have the necessary skills to analyze data to deepen our understanding, answer key questions and inform decision-making. We regularly use customer feedback data to create greater awareness or understanding about our performance.

Key Questions (Ask yourself “why/why not” or “how” after each):


Knowing - Measurement

Play 6: Understand What to Track

What is it? Creating a common understanding of data and what needs to be measured, at various stages of success.

What are we aiming for? We are able to capture final results, even if it requires using multiple sources of information. Our definitions of “success” reflect multiple stakeholder perspectives. The measures we choose and any targets we set are meaningful – generally they make sense to people on our team and are logically linked to our goals. The measures we choose may capture the activity of many different contributions, but we are able to understand the contribution we have made to reaching our goal.

Key Questions (Ask yourself “why/why not” or “how” after each):