P3 Playbook


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Delivering - Implementation

Play 7: Manage and Deliver Results

What is it? Executing plans and processes by actively managing them over time.

What are we aiming for? Navigating political priorities and legacy systems can be challenging, so we use data-driven reviews on an ongoing basis to ensure senior leaders and key partners are engaged in implementation. Regular reviews help us recognize where we are on track and where we need to make adjustments to have impact. We are able to advise senior leaders and managers about how to address performance trends or issues. Our team or organization uses program and performance management tools to ensure consistent, timely delivery across programs and initiatives, within budgetary and legal constraints. There is a transparent governance and decision-making structure which is not overly burdensome, people on the team understand their own roles and responsibilities as well as those of key partners.

Key Questions (Ask yourself “why/why not” or “how” after each):


Delivering - Communicating Performance Information

Play 8: Share Information

What is it? Sharing information about plans, progress, challenges and results both internally and externally.

What are we aiming for? We have communication tools, such as dashboards, that make it easy to view progress and make decisions. Anyone internal or external to our organization could ask for or provide feedback about how our program, initiative or organization is performing. We build compelling visualizations and informative narrative around our performance data, and that helps us ‘tell our story’ to people who are not experts in our program. We recognize that effective communication can contribute to improved performance by motivating and inspiring staff and partners to play their role.

Key Questions (Ask yourself “why/why not” or “how” after each):


Delivering - Improvement

Play 9: Drive Needed Changes

What is it? Intentionally creating a positive change in the amount, speed, efficiency or quality of results.

What are we aiming for? Our team is able to apply – or can easily partner with someone in our organization who can apply – improvement techniques to specific delivery, process, or program challenges. Even when our day-to-day work operates well enough, we try to find ways to create better long-term results. When a change is necessary to our success, we can adjust what needs to be adjusted with the support of our leaders and stakeholders. We use experimentation and innovation to test new approaches to program delivery.

Key Questions (Ask yourself “why/why not” or “how” after each):