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Posted Mar 06, 2015






The Strategic Reviews Summit held on Monday, July 21st is just one example of events hosted by the PIC for the Federal performance community. Strategic Reviews are an annual assessment that synthesizes performance information and other evidence to inform budget, legislative, and management decisions. This spring agencies conducted the first round of reviews required by GPRA Modernization Act of 2010 for each strategic objective in their Agency Strategic Plan. The Summit was designed for agencies to share their experiences and their insights for improving the process looking forward.

The day was structured around a few overarching areas of the strategic review process – prepping for the strategic review, conducting the review itself, preparing the summary of findings and meeting with OMB, and enabling a sustainable strategic review process. The intent was to provide a forum for attendees to listen to insights from others, and capture ideas and inspiration for the next cycle. Throughout the day, attendees heard interesting insights from a variety of Agencies as well as taking time in small groups to discuss and share their own lessons learned.

Participants shared that the strategic objective perspective provided a much needed review of the collective contributions across programs and activities. They also found it was helpful to senior leadership, facilitating their participation and contribution to the performance review process. Collectively they found the strategic review process placed more emphasis on the relationships across various contributors, their funding, performance, and products, than on reporting the many individual data points. Providing this systems view participants found that there was constructive discussion directed toward achieving improvements where needed and possible, rather than punitive judgments. An outcome of the process for many of the agencies was strengthened collaboration on crosscutting challenges within the agency. One participant shared that they left the strategic review process within their agency “with a greater appreciation for how [the agency bureaus] complement each other.”

Hosting government-wide collaboration summits is just one way the Performance Improvement Council works to advance government performance management and improvement. The PIC believes that through the collective wisdom of our federal performance community we can have a powerful impact.