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Launching the Leaders Delivery Network

Posted Oct 14, 2015

Launching the Leaders Delivery Network

By Dana Roberts, PIC Staff

Last week Shaun Donovan, Director of OMB, launched the Leaders Delivery Network – a new program for Agency Priority Goal Leaders sponsored by the Performance Improvement Council in collaboration with the Office of Management and Budget. This select group of high-achieving Goal Leaders will have access to each other’s expertise and to the most prominent figures in the performance community.

The event to launch the Network, held in the Indian Treaty Room at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building at the White House, was incredibly special!  It was well attended by performance and program ‘rock stars’ (Shaun’s term) who were greeted with beverages and snacks as well as cake with the Presidential Seal on it (all provided through donations – no Federal funds were spent). As if the surroundings were not enough, the attendees had the pleasure of hearing from Dave Mader, Acting Deputy Director for Management at OMB, Shaun Donovan, Director of OMB, and Lisa Danzig, Associate Director for Performance and Personnel Management at OMB, all of whom shared stories highlighting the importance of groups like the LDN.

Dave Mader opened the event, welcoming the diverse group of over 70 attendees including Performance Improvement Officers from several Departments, Cross Agency Priority Goal leaders, participants from the first cohort of the White House Leadership Development Program, the Leaders Delivery Network participants representing 17 Agencies, stakeholders from several outside organizations, and staff from the Performance Improvement Council and the Office of Management and Budget. Dave also extolled the importance of setting a goal and being relentless in its pursuit, recounting one of the most famous stories of goal-setting:  President Kennedy’s pledge to put a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth.

Shaun Donovan, the Director of OMB, spoke of his own time as an APG Goal Leader. Director Donovan recalled the challenges presented by the Veteran’s Homelessness Priority Goal including the difficulty in reaching consensus on a common metric. The audience particularly appreciated his description of both the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and the Department of Housing and Urban Development grappling to arrive at common definitions and data elements.

He went on to offer four key prescriptions for success in performance management:

  • Be specific about what success looks like
  • Use and learn from your data
  • Communicate your plan and build partnerships
  • Set common goals and celebrate your success

Lisa Danzig wrapped up the speeches with her thoughts on the importance of having capacity to deliver on agency initiatives – including her excitement for the coming year of the Leaders Delivery Network.

The Network participants then turned to the work of the evening – getting to know each other and developing a strong peer group. They shared a range of insights with each other, discussing their most frequently used tools in their leadership toolkit, the best advice they had given someone at work, and their recent experiences solving big problems and motivating people. Many of the key take-aways were captured in a mural created to celebrate the evening.

I really cannot capture the excitement and energy that was in the room last week. Perhaps it was the shared hope for moving the government towards more effective operations and better delivery to the American public, maybe it was the glory of the Indian Treaty Room, or maybe it was the cake, but whatever it was, it made for a very magical night.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Leaders Delivery Network – the first formal foray by the PIC into communicating with those on the front lines of delivery – it is going to be an amazing ride!


Questions about Leaders Delivery Network can be sent to either Dana Roberts ( or Bethany Blakey (  

Leaders Delivery Network

           Cake with Presidential Seal


           Dave Mader Speaking