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White House Leadership Development Program Announces 2019 Cohort Fellows

The White House Leadership Development Program (WHLDP) is excited to announce that it has selected its fourth cohort of fellows. Over the past three years, the program has accelerated the development of 44 high-performing civil servants to help build the next cadre of leaders in the executive branch.



White House Leadership Development Program Alumni Spotlight: Jack Schreibman, Associate Administrator for Administration at Motor Carrier Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation

This blog is the fist in a series of posts that will spotlight the experiences and accomplishments of White House Leadership Development Program fellows and alumni.

At a recent White House Leadership Development Program (WHLDP) alumni event, we caught up with Jack and asked him about his experience in the program. Here is what he had to say about his experience as part of the 2016 inaugural cohort of fellows.




Launch of the President's Management Agenda

The Performance Improvement Council is excited to join the Administration in releasing the President’s Management Agenda. The agenda lays out a long-term vision for modernizing the Federal Government in key areas that will improve the ability of all agencies to deliver mission outcomes, provide excellent service, and effectively steward taxpayer dollars on behalf of the American people.

The agenda outlines three key drivers of modernizing government for the 21st century:



Transitions and Opportunities

By Jenny Mattingley, Executive Director of the Performance Improvement Council

Transitions are a time of reflection and opportunities as well as a good time to renew relationships and look at new ways to tackle pressing challenges. It is in this spirit that the PIC team stands ready to continue its engagement with the performance community around effective practices and resources.



Calling all Fedpreneurs!

Posted Aug 09. 2016

By La Vida Cooper, former President's Management Council (PMC) Fellow



Shaun Donovan Speaking

Launching the Leaders Delivery Network

Launching the Leaders Delivery Network

By Dana Roberts, PIC Staff

Last week Shaun Donovan, Director of OMB, launched the Leaders Delivery Network – a new program for Agency Priority Goal Leaders sponsored by the Performance Improvement Council in collaboration with the Office of Management and Budget. This select group of high-achieving Goal Leaders will have access to each other’s expertise and to the most prominent figures in the performance community.



President Obama standing at a podium, speaking to Senior Executive Service employees

White House Leadership Development Program

Introducing the White House Leadership Development Program – Building Enterprise Leaders across Government and Delivering Results on High-Priority Goals

By Jenny Mattingley, Director, White House Leadership Development Program



PIC Community

Welcome to PIC.GOV

Welcome to! The Performance Improvement Council (PIC) is excited to launch this site to share with you news from the federal performance management and improvement community. As a government-wide council, the PIC’s mission is to advance and expand the practice of performance management and improvement. We do this by creating opportunities where government employees working to achieve progress learn from breakthroughs achieved elsewhere and collaborate to solve complex challenges. The Council meets regularly and convenes a number of inter-agency working groups to foster dialogue and best practice sharing between federal agencies. Read more...