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Goal 1: Foster widespread and effective use of performance management practices

Goal 1: Foster widespread and effective use of performance management practices

Support effective implementation of the Performance Framework while working to deepen performance improvement capabilities.


Modern Government Management Traits

The Modern Government Management Traits (MGMT) initiative was inspired and modeled from Google's Project Oxygen. It offers a simple way for manager to enhance their role in employee engagement by adopting the management behaviors that Google managers have used to manage their high-performing organization. MGMT is a 16+ week program with very little time investment needed to get results.

For each of the 8 MGM Traits: 1. Managers participate in a 30-minute Trait Talk with fellow managers

2. Managers choose which actions they commit to practicing over the next 2 weeks

Speaker Series

The PIC holds bi-weekly Speaker Series to provide Federal performance professionals an opportunity to learn from experts in the private sector, state/local sector, academia, or agency peers and gain insight about successful approaches that are being implemented elsewhere.

Workshops, Projects, & Practicums

The PIC has developed an in-person training series designed to deepen knowledge of the federal performance framework and sharpen performance improvement skills within federal government. The curriculum introduces those new to performance to the basics and provides opportunities for others to practice and increase their knowledge.

Cross-Agency Summits

One of the PIC’s benefits to the government is its ability to convene and facilitate conversation on cross-agency challenges and opportunities. Cross-agency summits bring together a large cross section of agencies, typically more than 30 organizations for a full day, to share practices and create common guides and templates from which to carry out their work.

Working Groups and Communities of Practice

Dana.Roberts@pic.govThe PIC organizes 1 or 2 working groups each year, with topics based on priorities identified by agency PIOs and their staffs. Questions about working groups or ideas for them can be sent to


Performance Ambassador Program

The Performance Ambassador Program is a part-time program geared to mid-career employees that includes a mixture of self-directed work, structured training and practice in mobilizing others in their larger organization to adopt or enhance practices that will lead to greater performance on mission and goals. 

Performance Management Line of Business

The Performance Management Line of Business (PMLoB) is an investment by agencies to jointly contribute to the creation of

Goal Reporting and Implementation Support

The federal performance framework has three primary types of goals: Cross-Agency Priority Goals, Agency Priority Goals, and Agency Strategic Goals. Cross-Agency Priority Goals are a limited number of Presidential priorities areas where implementation requires active collaboration between multiple agencies. The PIC staff supports agencies by providing forums to exchange ideas and improve practices and through consultation and coaching. shows progress on the Administration’s efforts to create a government that is more effective, efficient, innovative, and responsive. The PIC is the primary business owner of, working with agencies and OMB to develop its vision, create requirements, and track its use.