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Collaboration Studio @PIC.GOV

Sometimes to improve performance you need a spark. At the Performance Improvement Council (PIC), we believe teams of curious, committed and empowered people can make a big impact.  Government challenges are increasingly complex and require an integrated approach. We believe that these challenges are best solved collectively. The PIC offers unique facilitation services through the Collaboration Studio to support your team in achieving and sustaining improved performance by turning insight into action.

Getting to outcomes with the Collaboration Studio

The Collaboration Studio focuses on using action-based strategies to help you solve a leadership or cross-cutting federal challenge.  Our team designs and facilitates engagements that enable teams to effectively build understanding, shape choices, and make decisions. We believe your team can accelerate progress and achieve better results through the Collaboration Studio’s dedicated resources, established facilitation methodology and intense focus on the challenge at hand.

An ideal Collaboration Studio engagement requires cross-governmental or cross-organizational collaboration to solve the challenge; a desire and opportunity to improve performance and the leadership support to empower a team to create innovative solutions. Our engagements focus on improving the performance of the federal government with an emphasis on Administrative and Agency goals and priorities.

Our intent is to create engagements that deliver lasting results with built-in buy-in from participants. These are not your regular 1- or 2-hour meetings that happen week after week.  We design half day, full day or multi-day events with intense focus on the challenge to accelerate progress. Our engagements require a commitment both from our team and yours.

In our experience working with government teams, there are several key challenges we see time and time again. We’ve designed six “Studio” engagements to address those challenges.

What can you expect when working with our team?

  1. Deliver Results. We often surprise teams with how much can be accomplished through well focused collaboration. Our studios help teams accelerate breakthroughs with concrete next steps.
  2. Build Capabilities.  We enable teams to learn new tools and processes that help build understanding, shape choices and make decisions. This can either be an explicit goal or a side-benefit, but it will always be a part of the experience.
  3. Make Connections.  We convene conversations that help participants see the bigger picture.  Studios improve understanding of complex challenges and create a vision of how together we can achieve customer focused outcomes.


What type of studio is right for you?

Strategy Studio: Use the strategy studio when you are ready to get started, but you are just not sure where you should begin. Or your group is excited, but you’re not sure if you are all excited about the same thing. Or you just can’t put it into words. Through a series of activities we help the team frame a common purpose, bring shape to choices and define strategies. The group leaves with a graphic roadmap and actionable next steps to advance progress on goals and an understanding of how their work will contribute to the overall mission of the organization. Your team also benefits from the soft outcomes of team building and alignment of purpose.


Delivery System Analysis: Use delivery system analysis when you need to bring a holistic systems approach to implementation of complex, cross-cutting initiatives. This studio will help build understanding about the nature of the complex delivery chains involved in achievement of your priority outcomes by identifying levers, relationships, synergies and blockages which can help or hinder implementation. Teams will create a delivery system map which helps communicate implementation priorities in a new and engaging way and informs key decisions.


Metrics Studio:  Use the metrics studio when you want to develop measures that will demonstrate which strategies are working well and which ones are not.  In this studio, we help your team build understanding around the outcomes you seek to achieve and shape choices about the metrics that will help you track progress towards achieving them. Teams will create a metrics framework that will inform your decision-making process and measure progress towards achieving your goals.


Innovation Sprint:  Use an innovation sprint when you want innovative ideas and rapid results.  In this studio we help your team to gather insights from your users, test assumptions about how to solve the challenge and rapidly  prototype solutions in an iterative manner.  Through this collaborative and hands-on process, teams are able to unleash their creative potential towards solving your challenge with laser focus and ingenuity in a compressed timeframe.


Conversation Café: Use a conversation café when you are seeking to take the pulse of a community. Cafés can also be used to glean lessons learned and best practices around specific topics. Cafés are an inclusive process to start an inquiry and hear from the broader community as you design your strategies for implementation. During a café, clusters of small groups converse around pertinent questions and then move to a different group to take the conversation even further. Cafés can work for group sizes ranging from 15 to 1500. These studios help increase understanding across the community on your strategic conversation and lead to insights that support action planning.

Journey Mapping:  Use journey mapping when you want a deeper understanding of the steps a customer takes across a process and their emotional experience during that journey.  By helping you see the process from your customer’s point of view, journey mapping is effective in highlighting your biggest opportunities for making improvements that really matter to them.  This studio will help your team to design a seamless, streamlined customer experience that cuts across silos and effectively engages all of the key stakeholders.