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Agency Consultation

Each of our PIC staff members have specific expertise in different facets of performance management and improvement. Our team consults with agencies and project teams, offering advice, support and coaching to achieve their performance goals.

Because the PIC works across all 24 CFO Act agencies, we are in a unique position to see across the agencies. This positioning allows us to see the various approaches agencies take, what’s working well, and what isn’t. With this knowledge, we can help connect agencies who are working on a similar challenge so they can share experiences and brainstorm together. Conversely, we also facilitate the exchange of knowledge between agencies who have emerging capabilities with those who have expertise.

The PIC helps facilitate this knowledge exchange by:

  • Identifying ways that agencies go beyond complying with performance requirements to improve the performance of their organizations
  • Understanding the differences across agencies in the structure, staffing, and capabilities of their performance offices
  • Looking at the ways agencies are aligned within their agency or department to achieve their mission 

 technical expertise and facilitation services to help agencies